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Avespa's international, multi-disciplinary team of geneticists, designers and alga experts carefully studied how nature had evolved microalgae's ability to grow in a wide variety of differing environments. The team then started with a clean sheet of paper, evaluated each aspect of the traditional algal growing processes, challenged conventional thinking and re-thought how to encompass nature's lessons into a profitable, easy to replicate, algal agnostic, business model that could: "Grow more biomass, in a smaller footprint, faster and cheaper than any other process" Avespa has developed a technology platform that can blend everything from sea water to nitrate / phosphate rich municipal irrigation water and CO2 gases as feedstock with digital light in a highly controlled and easy to scale growing process. It has hard data to show that it can efficiently and cost-effectively: - Reduce CO2 emissions - Remove nitrates and phosphates from municipal irrigation quality water - Produce EPA-rich Omega 3 fish and animal feed - Grow high-quality natural chemicals, oils and proteins. Avespa's unique patent pending, biologically sustainable process mirrors nature's ability to remove CO2 gas from our atmosphere, clean waste water and turn animal waste streams into clean water, oxygen and high-value biomass with the potential to enable the substitution of palm oil, omega 3 rich fish oils and high-quality animal and fish feed. Avespa believes that the substitution of petroleum-based/nonsustainable feedstocks with sustainable, CO2 absorbing, algal-based oils, chemicals, carbohydrates and proteins will only happen when the environmental, social and economic incentives come together to drive change.

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