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ARYZTA Canada Burnaby



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ARYZTA Canada Burnaby (formerly Gourmet Baker) is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium, value-added frozen, baked and unbaked (thaw-and-sell, freezer-to-oven and proof-and-bake) desserts and breakfast pastries. They offer a portfolio of products and work closely with their in-store bakery and foodservice partners to deliver innovative products. They measured their second greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory. ARYZTA Canada Burnaby’s GHG emissions were measured for the 2015 fiscal year and they achieved a 45% reduction. ARYZTA Canada Burnaby has drafted an emissions reduction plan aimed at reducing emissions from electricity, refrigeration, heat, business travel, waste, and paper. ARYZTA Canada Burnaby is Climate Smart certified for 2016.

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