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ARiES Energy is for people and businesses who want to gain control of their energy costs. We reduce or eliminate our customers' vulnerability to rising energy costs, offer an environmentally-friendly source of electricity generation, and provide affordable, turnkey clean energy solutions. Our Mission: To make clean energy easy, accessible and affordable for our clients. We install solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, LED lighting, power conditioning, energy efficiency products/services and biomass/waste-to-energy technologies for commercial businesses, residences and municipalities in the southeast. We make these installations easy and possible by conducting a thorough energy evaluation and educating our clients, taking care of the paperwork, and securing all grant funding. Our Experience: The ARiES Energy team has over 5 years of experience working together in the renewable energy industry. We launched ARiES Energy in November 2011 and in our first six months of operation, we sold the first Proton Power biomass-to-energy system in the world and were awarded 3 out of 17 Clean Tennessee Energy Grants (out of 350 applicants.). While we take pride in everyproject we are a part of, we like to celebrate when the quality of our work is acknowledged within the energy industry. In 2014 and 2015, ARiES Energy wants to add the sale of clean energy, not just equipment, to our product portfolio; we will own, operate and be power producers.

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