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Alternative Energy Systems (AES Solar)

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Alternative Energy Systems (AES) is a locally owned and operated partnership dedicated to providing sustainable energy choices for our community. AES is a Chico, CA based licensed, bonded and insured solar integrator. AES was founded with the idea that we all need to share in the responsibility of maintaining and improving our environment for generations to come. Our goal is to provide superior service, highest quality equipment, and to build lifelong relationships with our clients. Over the course of years, we have been faced with difficult installations that have tried our creative resources. This experience of being challenged and then meeting and exceeding these challenges have given us the invaluable expertise necessary to meet the expectations of any project. We are proud to partner with one of the greatest solar panel creators around, Sunpower. We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed expectations, provide 100% customer service satisfaction, and a 25 year relationship guarantee with our customers. We believe in our product and our services, to which we are willing to back that up with a 25 year guarantee not only on the product but also the work we do. We monitor, service and repair all at no additional cost for the lifetime of your systems contract. We provide free education and consultations on how solar works and how it can work best for you. If you are at all curious or even interested, please contact us for your free educational opportunity. We will work with you, meet at your preferred time either at your home or on our solar campus. We are located on the North side of Chico off of Hwy 99 next to Hughes Ski Hut.

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