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AJ's Organic Cafe

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In 2007, Alesha Davies, then working as a Montessori teacher, saw an opportunity to start a catering business and hopefully grow it into a caf in the downtown core. Well, here it is! AJs Organic Caf is now open! Located at 800 Yates in the Atrium building we have a big, brand new kitchen and full service caf to bring you the best treats and eats while continuing to offer the same great catering services as before. We are so lucky that our island is home to so many farmers/growers and talented artisans who create wonderful products. We offer a selection of the finest goods both to eat and enjoy all the while supporting our community. We offer lunches, dinners and custom party platters that are deliciously prepared with organic and local (when available) produce, artisan cheeses, in house and island baked breads and always use compostable, recyclable/reusable containers for packaging.

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