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AES employs new technologies and business models to bring dependable and cost-effective power to its utility partners and their customers. AES started as one of the first independent power producers (IPP) in the United States and is now a major supplier of power in 20 countries around the world. We have helped to create new emissions control technologies and biomass conversions, have built new efficient power generating stations, and we have brought thousands of MWs of wind and solar resources of energy to market for our utility customers. Nearly 30 years after our founding, we brought together a group of AES engineers and commercial developers to work on applying advanced battery technology to the electric sector. As we began in 2008, we focused on validating solutions and meeting customer needs through established commercial structures familiar to our industry. After many years, multiple generations of storage products and over $150m of investment in development and commercial facilities this commitment to meeting established utility customer needs with battery solutions has resulted in the Advancionâ?¢ offering.

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