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Accommodation Services Division - District 2

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Accommodation Services Division Vision: To be the accommodation provider of choice. Mission: To provide safe, quality and sustainable working environments for the delivery of public programs. Activities: Provide safe, quality and sustainable working environments for the delivery of public programs through acquisition, planning, project management, design and engineering, parking and security services. Provide coordination and monitoring of accommodation projects through utilization of internal and external professional and technical services for planning, design, leasing and construction management. Provide a technically and logistically integrated infrastructure improvement plan in support of a safe, quality and sustainable portfolio. Provide an advisory role for the implementation of the Green Building Policy to government and other agencies and groups that receive government funding and must meet the requirements of the policy. Provide operational and maintenance for government departments and agencies occupying space in owned or leased buildings where the Division is the service provider. Provide for the acquisition, renewal and monitoring of leased facilities within the Accommodation Services Division portfolio and provide commercial and real estate expertise with respect to accommodation related issues. Provide accounting and administrative support services for the Division. Provide overall government accommodation strategy through short and long range planning. Administer contracts for construction requests for service related to the provision of government accommodation including contracted janitorial and food services in government buildings. Provide for charging the cost of owned and leased space to the tenant that occupies the space.

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