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A. Haberkorn & Co GmbH



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In 1919, Anton Haberkorn sen. the "Seilerwarenfabrik and weaving techn Tissue A. Haberkorn & Co KG ". In more than 95 years, developed from the traditional ropeworks a modern industrial company with two divisions: the wholesale garden furniture, toys and childcare articles; the production of technical textiles (ISO 9001 certified). We are still a family business with traditional strengths, such as personal Commitment, reliability, quality awareness and above all flexibility. Our position today but we indebted to our 200 skilled and motivated employees. The company is located in Freistadt on a 80,000 sq m site. For the storage of bulk commodities is a high bay warehouse with 7,000 euro-pallets available, as well as a 10,000 square-foot block and picking. The majority of our products is exposed in our showrooms that can be visited (by appointment only).

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