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Advances in green technology, sustainable manufacturing, or our stewardship of the air, land, and sea are only as useful as our ability to disseminate and adopt them. In a world where newsfeeds are cluttered, however, and prominence often seems to flow to the loudest voices, it can be difficult to sort through the noise and determine which items are credible and important, and which are not. Intengine helps to solve this problem by aggregating environmental communications in one place and vetting green news for its veracity and significance. This powerful tool provides those with impactful sustainability messages or updates on environmental developments with a direct line of communication to both the general public and society’s change makers. For the consumer of environmental information, Intengine is the site to visit, both to stay current with news and to identify important trends in ecological thought and practice.

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Vivendi SA

42 avenue de Friedland
France 75380
+3 (317) 171-1000

Service Provider

Categories: Multimedia

Voca Films

3458 Walnut Street
Denver, Colorado
USA 80205
(720) 207-1361

Service Provider

Categories: Multimedia


Aerodrome Studios, 8 Airfied Way
United Kingdom BH23 3TS
+44 (330) 043-2388

Service Provider

Categories: Telephone & Mobile


71-75 Shelton Street
United Kingdom WC2H 9JQ
+440 (203) 603-3676

Service Provider

Categories: Agencies

We Are Arise

Brincliffe House
United Kingdom S71LE
+440 (114) 430-0145

Service Provider

Categories: Marketing