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As it is full of unlimited heat generated by the earth's core, geothermal energy is one of the most significant renewable sources of sustainable energy. The sustainability of geothermal energy can be utilized in homes, commercial and non-commercial settings in many buildings. Enhancing the industry's effort in developing new methods and improving the management and waste control of the geothermal systems also improves the sustainability of geothermal systems. The only known negative side of geothermal energy systems is the initial costs; however, you can easily make a return on this investment with the efficient heating you use in your home or offices. By contacting one of the businesses with expertise in geothermal energy below, you can learn more about geothermal systems' advantages and suitability. The services you can get include:

  • Installment of geothermal systems

  • Advice on home or business before making any decisions 

  • Replacing geothermal systems or pumps

  • Energy analysis of buildings 

  • Heat loss calculations

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The Master Group

1675, Boulevard de Montarville
Boucherville, Quebec
Canada J4B7W4
(514) 527-2301


Val's Drilling, Ltd.

RR 3 Site 17 Comp 18
Airdrie, Alberta
Canada T4A0P7
403-226-0572 or 585-0567

Service Provider