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The expression “you are what you eat” has taken on new meaning in our environmentally conscious society. A growing portion of the population is making food decisions based not only on taste, quality, and nutrition, but on how the production and delivery of those goods impact our planet, with the choice to eat sustainably becoming an important part of identity for these individuals. Unfortunately, confusion surrounding green labelling, certifications, and auditing within the sustainable food and beverage industry can make it difficult to act on our best intentions and often leads to disillusionment amongst consumers. Intengine helps to solve this problem by providing the most complete database and background source on the world’s certification agencies, allowing users to sort through the countless organic food, non-GMO and other accreditations to decide which are most relevant to his or her needs and beliefs. Intengine also offers a rich platform for sustainable food producers and vendors to tell their stories and for conscientious individuals to do their research on these progressive providers. From the beans in our morning coffee to the produce and protein on our dinner table, we can make a difference with every item we consume – let Intengine help you on this worthwhile journey!

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TX BAR Grassfed

19995 Callahan Road
Red Bluff, California
USA 96080
(530) 949-4241


Categories: Meat