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With busier schedules and more time spent at desks and in front of computer screens, taking the time for personal fitness is more important than ever. While you rejuvenate body and spirit, however, there’s no reason not to also keep up with your commitment to the planet and its well-being. Green fitness companies help you to achieve both goals, by providing state-of-the-art fitness regimens and training programs that incrementally help the environment at the same time. Eco-gyms convert the sweat energy generated by their members into electric power to reduce the facility’s carbon footprint, while eco-sports organizations find ways to connect physical activity with the enjoyment and stewardship of nature. Through its vast database of eco-fitness companies and instructors, Intengine is the premier platform for these forward-thinking providers to advertise their approach and philosophy, as well as the most comprehensive tool for potential customers to research available options. Whether you’re a business looking for a pro-environment team building activity, someone ready to tackle their New Year’s resolution, or a green fitness company wanting to spread its message, Intengine provides everything you need.

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The House of Yogi

3954 West Point Loma Boulevard
San Diego, California
USA 92110
(858) 609-0064

Service Provider

Categories: Yoga