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The world’s oceans are bearing a heavy burden for the economic pursuits and lifestyle choices we make on land. From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a swirling gyre of plastic and other debris estimated to be about the size of Texas, to fluctuations in marine temperature that threaten species, to fishing practices that result in destructive by-catch and stock depletion, it is without question that human activity is pressuring the oceanic environment. Though none of these problems will be easily or quickly solved, many organizations and companies are making significant headway through education, legislative influence, and technology development. Intengine provides the premier platform for these groups to get their messages out, while offering concerned citizens the means to efficiently access important oceanic information and research through a single portal. By sourcing sustainable seafood, you lessen the impact on our waters and support others in doing the same. As we become more attuned to the importance of taking care of our marine resources through environmental aquaculture, sustainable fishing, and pollution mitigation, the information communicated through Intengine and the progressive companies listed here are more important than ever.

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Culture Fuels

500 7th Avenue, Suite 17A
New York, New York
USA 10018
(917) 843-8492


Categories: Algae