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How we get, store, and use energy is perhaps undergoing its most significant transformation since the discovery of fossil fuels.  Clean energy and alternative energy sources are gaining rapidly in terms of cost and efficiency, as evidenced by the worldwide proliferation of wind farms and solar arrays, while leaps in battery technology have allowed electric vehicles to become viable alternatives to internal combustion powered cars. At the same time, public pressure and advances in extraction expertise have combined to drive down the environmental impact of oil and gas production, while significant leaps in efficiency means that less of these fuels must be burned to generate a dollar of economic output. Intengine provides an indispensable gathering of information on all of these sustainable energy topics, as well as the most effective way for industry leaders to communicate their successes and cutting-edge product offerings. Whether you wish to learn more about renewable energy sources, want to find out what green energy alternatives are being developed in your part of the world, or just want to know who’s taking the strongest environmental stand in the oil and gas industry, Intengine is the place to do your research.

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Airtechni, Inc.

5046, Thimens Boulevard
Saint-Laurent,, Quebec
Canada H4R2B2
(514) 382-3560


Categories: Geothermal