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A night out shouldn’t carry a steep ecological cost and with many restaurants and entertainment providers now focused on sustainability, it doesn’t have to. For these businesses, the mantra has evolved from “doing less harm” to “doing more good”, allowing customers to enjoy their favourite diversions without worrying about how their fun is impacting the planet. Whether you’re looking for an event promoter who works to limit the energy intensity of concerts and shows, or a restaurant that sources ingredients from local, green certified producers, Intengine provides the necessary resources in the most convenient format. At the same time, the wide reach of our site allows businesses such as organic restaurants to efficiently advertise their credentials and menu offerings, or eco-event organizers to get the word out on upcoming events, like green movie screenings, bird watching workshops, or community bike rides. Every decision we make, even how we choose to eat or take in entertainment, has an incremental impact on the environment. Let Intengine help you to make the most of your free time.

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The Fresh Fish Shop

Palmerston House, 1 Commercial Square
Haywards Heath,
United Kingdom RH16 1DR
+44 (144) 445-1830

Retailer, Service Provider

Categories: Raw Food

The Grubhouse

22230 Greater Mack Avenue
St Clair Shores, Michigan
USA 48080
(586) 776-1300

Service Provider

Categories: Restaurants

The House

800 Market Street
Chattanooga, Tennessee
USA 37402
(423) 708-2232

Service Provider

Categories: Restaurants