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Achieving both financial success and environmental excellence in a business is no easy task. Companies that have demonstrated leadership in environmental management deserve to be recognized and in recent years, the number of certifications, accreditations, and awards for achievement in this area has mushroomed. Rapid growth, however, has also precipitated confusion over which endorsements are most important in each industry, which incorporate the most rigorous standards, and which are administered by independent third parties, rather than trade associations or other related groups. From a company’s perspective, it is important that environmental and ethical management achievements are both documented and easy for customers and other groups to find, while for the consumer, a business’s sustainability record has become one of the most important inputs to purchasing decisions. Intengine provides an invaluable tool for both parties, presenting information on numerous certificate granting authorities and allowing for a thorough and efficient search of companies which have earned the marks of distinction that these organizations bestow. Whether you seek a construction trade with LEED certification, wish to better understand organic labelling, or just want to find out which companies are taking the lead in environmental stewardship, Intengine provides the resources you require in the most user-friendly format.

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BeautyCouncil, Inc.

201-3091 West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6K2G9
(604) 871-0222

For nearly 75 years BeautyCouncil, the former Cosmetology Association of Western Canada, was a provincial government regulated body for the cosmetology industry. When government regulation ceased in 2004, the industry created a voluntary association comprised of caring, driven and committed professionals who recognized a need for industry standards to be upheld. Today we continue to oversee the growth and development of training, certification, advocacy and... Read More

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Categories: Personal Care, Beauty & Spas

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

22 rue des Asters
Switzerland 1202
+4 (122) 939-1250

Cotton is a globally important and widely grown crop. It is an industry that employs around 250 million people in the production stages alone. For millions of people, often in some of the world’s poorest countries, cotton is a vital link to the global economy. Cotton is used by nearly every single person on the planet on a daily basis. But cotton is often produced in a way that puts unnecessary levels of stress on the environment, the local economies and the communities... Read More

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Categories: Agriculture, Horticulture & Viticulture, , Baby, Toddlers & Kids Care

Bikram Yoga

150-11500 W. Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
USA 90064
(310) 854-5800

Bikram Yoga is the 26 postures Sequence selected and developed by Bikram Choudhury from Hatha Yoga. It has been proved and experienced by millions that these 26 postures systematically work every part of the body, to give all the internal organs, all the veins, all the ligaments, and all the muscles everything they need to maintain optimum health and maximum function. Each component takes care of something different in the body, and yet they all work together... Read More

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Categories: Fitness, Sports & Recreation

Biodegradable Products Institute, Inc.

415-331 West 57th Street
New York, New York
USA 10019
(888) 274-5646

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) is a professional association of key individuals and groups from government, industry and academia, which promotes the use, and recycling of biodegradable polymeric materials (via composting). The BPI is open to any materials and products that demonstrate (via scientifically proven techniques) that their products are completly biodegradable in approved composting facilities

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Categories: Dining & Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Home & Garden, Industry, Waste Management & Recycling

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association

P. O. Box 07126
Fort Myers, Florida
USA 33919
(734) 904-0546

The Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (BCTA/NA) is a non-profit organization supporting practitioners and schools of the biodynamic model of craniosacral therapy, as developed by Franklyn Sills, in the lineage of William Garner Sutherland, DO, and others. BCTA/NA employs an established curriculum to approve teachers, as well as recognize, register and provide a referral service for Registered Craniosacral Therapists (RCSTs). We also... Read More

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Categories: Healthcare, Nutrition & Healing

Bluesign Technologies, AG

Moevenstrasse 18
St. Gallen,
Switzerland 9015
+4 (171) 272-2990

bluesign technologies ag - global partner for the sustainable textile industry. bluesign technologies ag was founded in Switzerland in 2000. The unique combination of expertise in key segments of the textile production as chemistry, textile technology, environment technology and supply chain management characterizes our company. We not only further develop the independent bluesign system but also ensure its implementation and maintenance. Cultivating our... Read More

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Categories: , Baby, Toddlers & Kids Care, Industry

Boating Ontario

15 Laurier Road
Penetanguishene , Ontario
Canada L9M1G8
(705) 549-1667

Boating Ontario is the largest recreational marine trade association in Canada . Our membership consists of yacht clubs, water-based and dryland marinas, both privately and municipally owned, as well as Trade Members who supply products and services to the marine industry.Boating Ontario  is an Industry leader, with such programs as our Careers In Boating program, our world-renowned Clean Marine program, and the Boating Safety program. For more information about... Read More

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Categories: Fisheries & Aquaculture, Transportation & Public Transit, Travel, Tourism & Lodging

BRC Global Standards

21 Dartmouth Street
+440 (207) 854-8939

BRC is the leading trade association representing retailers of all sizes. The BRC Global Standards specify requirements to be met by an organisation to enable the production, packaging, storage and distribution of safe food and consumer products. They provide a way for retailers to satisfy themselves, their customers and enforcement authorities that products are being sourced from sites capable of consistently producing safe, legal products of the required... Read More

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Categories: Agriculture, Horticulture & Viticulture, Fisheries & Aquaculture, Food & Beverage, Industry, Transportation & Public Transit

BRE Global

Bucknalls Lane
+440 (333) 321-8811

BRE Global ensuring that products and services protect people, property and the planet. BRE Global works to ensure that fire, security, environmental and other products and services provide the quality of performance and protection that they should. We are an independent, third-party approvals organisation, offering certification of products, services and systems to an international market. Our testing and approvals are carried out by recognized experts in... Read More

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Categories: Construction, Energy & Environment

British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA)

450-355 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6C2G8
(604) 682-5610

The BC Society of Landscape Architects is the professional, regulating organization for the practice of landscape architecture in BC, Canada. BCSLA Registered Landscape Architects and Landscape Architects are employed in the public sector, private sector and academia. With projects in the Lower Mainland and around the world, ranging from private gardens to large-scale public sites, our Members aim to improve the natural and built environment through landscape... Read More

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Categories: Construction

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