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Support for environmental and ethical leadership doesn’t stop at the products we purchase but extends all the way to the professional and business services we engage. Each spending decision we make is like a vote cast in favour of a given business approach or set of corporate values, so it’s crucial that we know who we’re backing. The eco-friendly companies found through Intengine offer services that you are likely already paying for but do so with a deep consideration for how their actions impact the world around them. Green business leadership goes well beyond recycling, waste mitigation, and emissions reduction – these environmental companies keep moving the bar higher and view every business decision along the supply chain and within the organization as an opportunity to make a difference. Use your influence and Intengine’s wealth of data to support those enterprises which have made sustainability and environmental stewardship a key part of their business model.

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FBA Leads UK

10 Hafod Cwnin
United Kingdom SA312AU
+44 (737) 824-5606

FBA Leads UK research profitable items for you to sell on Amazon as an FBA seller. Save hours of your time manually sourcing items, we manually trawl through lists of deals so you don't have to. We deliver 5 lists a week direct to your email, over 100 quality items a month. Buying from retailers can be much cheaper than your average wholesaler, they buy such a large amount of stock that when they hold sales, deals, and clearances they can afford to give you a heavily discounted... Read More

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Categories: Marketing & Sales

Humber college

205 Humber College Boulevard
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M9W5L7
(416) 675-3111

Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, a founding member of Polytechnics Canada, is one of the nation’s leading educational institutions. Our programs combine a solid academic foundation with practical learning. Serving 27,500 full-time students and 56,000 continuing education registrants, offering 150 full-time programs across more than 40 fields of study, along with 200 part-time and more than 400 online programs or courses. Humber... Read More

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Categories: Education & Training

Insight Creative Communications

1 Review

3496 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6R2E8
(604) 314-3390

Insight Creative Communications believes that economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility can coexist to bring about financial and personal success. We are dedicated to working with startups and established businesses to create, implement and communicate innovative policies and practices that support the ongoing transition to a sustainable economy. Our work encompasses concept development and strategic planning... Read More

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Categories: Business Planning & Documentation, Sustainability Consulting, Consultants, Web Development

Invoke Media

313-1 Alexander Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6A1B2
(604) 398-6020

Invoke partners with the big thinkers behind startups and established brands to create new revenue and digital service opportunities. For us, every day is a chance to solve problems in new ways and unearth big-impact ideas. Our process is rooted in collaboration, so we incorporate multiple perspectives as we ideate, prototype, and refine our way towards a solution

Service Provider

Categories: Business Planning & Documentation, Web Development

Math Genie

10 Schalks Crossing Road, Suite 21
Plainsboro Township, New Jersey
USA 08536
(609) 288-2500

Math Genie is an after school tutoring center teaching Abacus Math, Mental Math, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Language Arts, Common Core, Tutoring for Plainsboro, West Windsor, East Windsor, Princeton, Hightstown, Cranbury, Monmouth Junction, Dayton, Montgomery area. We feature awesome teachers, small class sizes, and a cutting edge curriculum completely aligned with the State of New Jersey's Student Learning Standards

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Categories: Education & Training


4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M3J1P3
(426) 220-2628

Our vision will be to establish and uphold the professional integrity of the services we provide to our partners, affiliates, and above all, the communities we serve. Our team believes that effective working relationships with First Nations and other Canadians is the foundation to building a renewed relationship that will be based on trust, transparency, honesty, and most importantly, respect for diversity. Our traditional and holistic proactive plans will strive to... Read More

Service Provider

Categories: Education & Training, Environmental Consulting, Sustainability Consulting

SRI Investing, LLC

Empire State Building
New York, New York
USA 10118
(888) 596-0353

SRI Investing is among the relatively few professional financial advisory firms in the country that specializes solely in SRI – sustainable, responsible, impact investing (aka socially responsible investing) and financial planning. We are absolutely committed to: Helping our individual clients achieve financially healthy, rewarding, and joyful lives. Empowering non-profit and religious organizations to invest their financial... Read More

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Certifications: Green America Certified Business, Green Business

Categories: Planners, Sustainability Consulting, Advisors, Financial Planners, Microfinance

Steven M. Sweat, APC

5757 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
USA 90036
(323) 944-0993

Welcome to the website of Steven M. Sweat, APC, Los Angeles and California Attorneys and Counselors at Law with a focus on personal injury claims. Our firm is devoted to helping victims of accidents in receiving the justice that they deserve for their pain, suffering and damages. We are seasoned litigators who are in it to win it. We provide a hundred and ten percent effort and devotion to each and every client we represent. We have been tireless warriors for the cause of justice... Read More

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Categories: Legal

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