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UL Environmental Claim Validation

In a marketplace deluged with unsubstantiated “eco” claims, our environmental claim validations are agents of assurance: they provide independent proof that products are exactly as they claim to be, giving both manufacturers and their customer’s peace of mind. From validating recycled content and bio-based content, to vouching for recyclability or mold resistance, environmental claim validations help manufacturers communicate one or more of their products’ environmentally-preferable attributes clearly and credibly, equipping them with a powerful tool for differentiation in an increasingly cluttered marketplace. With environmental claim validations from UL Environment, products come armed with third-party proof of their compliance with various green codes, standards, and procurement policies, including the LEED® Green Building Rating System, IgCC, GSA Advantage!®, ASHRAE 189.1, and more. This helps product visibility among key specifiers while driving marketplace demand.

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