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UL 2799

First published in May 2012, UL's ECVP 2799, Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Zero Waste to Landfill, was developed to support waste reduction efforts by providing clear definitions of what constitutes waste and an objective and transparent process for validating zero waste environmental claims at individual facilities. For organizations committed to reducing waste, UL 2799 establishes an objective basis for quantifying waste diversion rates and helps set benchmarks for continued improvements in diversion rate performance. Waste diversion claims validated in accordance with UL 2799 also enable consumers and the general public to more accurately assess such claims and to make meaningful comparisons between waste diversion rates among competing organizations. Many companies and municipalities are working to reduce waste, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero waste. UL can validate a company's efforts and provide credibility to those efforts with the industry's first and only standard for zero waste and waste diversion claims. UL offers three landfill waste diversion claim validations to recognize companies that handle waste in environmentally responsible and innovative ways-from energy production via incineration to reuse, recycling and composting:
Zero Waste to Landfill for facilities that consistently achieve a landfill waste diversion rate of. Virtually Zero Waste to Landfill for facilities that have achieved a landfill diversion rate of 98% or greater. Landfill Waste Diversion for facilities that have achieved a landfill diversion rate of greater than or equal to 80%. Each claim validation is clearly defined, carefully reviewed and thoroughly vetted so that businesses and their customers can understand the environmental significance of such a major achievement.

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