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The RETScreen® Clean Energy Project Analysis Software is a unique decision support tool recognized internationally and boasting over 323,000 professional users worldwide. The software is free of charge and can be used to evaluate: - Clean energy options. - Energy efficiency projects. - The costs and benefits associated with energy management projects. - GHG Emission reductions. - Financial viability. - The risks for various types of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. This three-day course will enhance your current knowledge of RETScreen® by developing a more in-depth understanding of the tools and techniques employed in the assessment of energy management and clean energy projects, and with the successful completion of the certification examination delivered in the afternoon of the third day, provide you with a newly established professional credential, the CUR (Certified in the Use of RETScreen®). The CUR provides an added value which is priceless in professional consultancy. Participants will develop their skills in the analysis of all types of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, including combined heat and power, solar water heating and power production from photovoltaic panels. Further, they will develop a sound understanding of the various analysis functions provided by the software, such as financial and GHG emission analyses as well as the evaluation of the technical and financial risks involved in energy efficiency projects.

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