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Good for workers, good for business

Ethical trade is about creating confidence that your products and services aren’t made at the expense of workers’ rights. More and more companies now recognise that ethical trade is simply essential business practice.

The case for ethical trade

Moral – all companies have a responsibility to respect human rights and where poor conditions prevail, to improve labour standards for workers.

Regulatory – companies are now expected to exercise human rights due diligence and to report publicly.

Commercial – where working conditions are good, strikes, accidents and staff turnover are reduced. Costly disruption gives way to a more stable, skilled and motivated workforce that’s better equipped to improve quality and productivity.

Four reasons to join ETI

  1. Build a more resilient supply chain 
  2. Demonstrate due diligence under the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  3. Enhance your brand’s integrity
  4. Establish or strengthen your approach to ethical trade

With ETI membership you can...

  • Get tailored support and expert advice
  • Join our influential network of more than 100 members
  • Join our groundbreaking in-country supply chain programmes
  • Consult our in-country representatives 
  • Stay ahead with crisis communications support on emerging issues
  • Get discounts on high quality training courses and bespoke, on-site training.

Be part of an influential network

Our members include:

  • More than 80 global companies and well-known brands such as John Lewis/Waitrose, Marshalls, Inditex, Primark, Burberry and Stella McCartney. Public sector organisations such as Transport for London and supplier companies including Finlays, Matrix APA and Union Hand-Roasted.
  • Some of the largest trade unions in the world, including the Trades Union Congress, International Trade Union Confederation and Council of Global Unions, representing nearly 160 million workers globally.
  • NGOs operating in more than 40 countries, including large charities like Save the Children, CARE International and Oxfam, as well as more specialised NGOs like Partner Africa, Dalit Solidarity Network and Homeworkers Worldwide.

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