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Environmental Professionals in-training, or EPts, are the next generation of leaders in the environmental sector. 

Do you want career advancement guidance? Would you like to take advantage of professional development resources to ensure you become a top performer? Get noticed, commit to continuous learning, and gain access to a large network of experts & mentors in your field.

Becoming an EPt is the first step in making your mark.


This is the most crucial step in becoming a well-trained and capable Environmental Professional. With the EPt Professional Development Framework, you will navigate through the beginning stages of your environmental career to achieve greater success.

Documenting your goals, working with a mentor, and participating in the various training courses and personalized resources, you will gain a high level of understanding and commitment to the environmental profession.

Here are the benefits of the training framework, developed from the ground-up to help you succeed:

  • Close the soft-skill gaps and gain the soft-skills that environmental employers need

  • Year-by-year training that gets EPts on the right foot

  • Guided focus on required and recommended training for EPts

  • Structured assistance with the orientation of more technical training

  • The framework provides a clear path from in-training status, to full designation

  • When an EPt has gained their five years of environmental work experience they will possess technical aptitude & leadership qualities needed to become an EP

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