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EnerGuide Rating System

Natural Resources Canada developed the EnerGuide Rating System to help home builders evaluate their house plans for energy efficiency and provide energy efficient upgrade options for customers. Your customers are looking for value in their new home. Natural Resources Canada has the tools, services and standards to help you build energy efficiency into your new home designs. The EnerGuide Rating Service starts with an analysis of the house plans by an energy advisor. The advisor will recommend energy-saving upgrades and work with you to define cost-effective options. You will then estimate the cost of the upgrade work, with a price for the various upgrades. Some builders prefer to carry out this energy analysis with their own staff however the final evaluation of the house must be done by an independent energy advisor. If you are a tract builder, you can develop upgrade packages that your customers can purchase before building begins. After building is complete, the energy advisor (a third-party contractor, not one of your employees) will verify that the energy upgrades recommended and the plans have been incorporated into the built house. The advisor will also perform a blower door test. After this data has been collected, you will receive an EnerGuide rating label and report to give to your customer.

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