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A collaborative industry standard to help consumers understand the sustainability of their mobile devices. Eco Rating 2.0 combines the best elements of several rating systems, and was developed collaboratively by Forum for the Future, Telefónica O2 and Vodafone, with feedback from manufacturers and network operators across the industry. It replaces the eco ratings used by Telefónica O2 and Vodafone, and will be adopted by a number of other network operators around the globe, including Orange – so these networks will share a common sustainability rating across all devices they offer. Forum for the Future assisted in aligning ratings schemes from various networks, building the new tool, and now manages the ongoing adoption and future evolution of Eco Rating 2.0. Eco Rating 2.0 is now free for networks and manufacturers to use, and Forum for the Future encourages this. A level playing field and a common understanding of the issues goes a long way in driving change – both in consumer understanding and in the future design of mobile devices. Network operators and manufacturers using the tool are also encouraged to contribute to ongoing improvements to ensure it remains up-to-date with evolving sustainability issues.

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