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Demeter Biodynamic

Demeter is the owner of the trademark terms “Biodynamic®” and “Demeter®”.  These trademarks are held as certification marks, which provide an assurance to consumers that the product has been certified to a uniform standard.  Demeter holds these marks, and is therefore solely responsible for ensuring their adherence, to protect the integrity of Biodynamic agriculture and the products that result, both for consumers and for farmers.  One only needs to think about the history of organic here in the United States, and the marketplace pressures that led to the erosion of its definition, to understand the importance of protecting such a comprehensive and historically significant agronomic system. Requirements for certification are articulated in the Demeter Farm and Processing Standards.   In order for a commercial farm or agricultural- based product to legally use the term in reference to its farm or products, it must have obtained certification through Demeter, and be re-certified every year.

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