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CSA Standard - Climate Change - Baseline Methodologies and Quantification Protocols

As part of our commitment to create a more sustainable world, CSA Group can provide you the CSA sustainability mark. The CSA sustainability mark tells retailers, regulators, and consumers that your product has met defined environmental performance requirements and corporate responsibility requirements as outlined in CSA Group sustainability standards. To display the CSA Group sustainability mark, your product must be assessed against criteria and attributes including: Materials of concern (toxic or hazardous materials), Material efficiency (product recycled content, packaging recycled content, de-materialization or efficient use of raw material resources), Energy consumption during product use, Manufacturing and operation processes (environmental management systems, greenhouse gas emissions reporting, water management, pollution prevention, corporate sustainability), Product performance (functionality, reliability, reparability) and End of life management (recyclability, design for recycling, landfill diversion programs). When you work with CSA Group you will be working with knowledgeable technical experts who understand the sustainability mark requirements. You will find the CSA mark on a variety of products including electrical & electronic products, gas-fired products, plumbing products, personal protective equipment and a wide range of other products.

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