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Certified Passive House Tradesperson

The Passive House is much more than the sum of its parts. In order to avoid mistakes during construction, it is necessary to be aware of the interrelationships and interdependences of the components required in a Passive House. It should be possible to assess any changes and deviations from the planned work in terms of energy efficiency, as this may influence proper functioning of the building significantly. Substantiated expertise for the construction of Passive Houses is imparted to skilled Tradesperson within the framework of further training courses. The aim of the "Certified Passive House Tradesperson" Course is to convey an overall impression of the Passive House concept to the specialists involved in construction in an interdisciplinary approach and within a reasonable time frame. After successful completion of the examination, the participant will be awarded the "Certified Passive House Tradesperson" Certificate and included in the List of "Certified Passive House Tradesperson", which ensures that all those involved in construction can access information about qualified trades companies at any time.

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