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Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA)

Join a nationwide network of appraisers that have completed coursework that
will prepare them to stay ahead of the next wave in residential construction.
Our Appraising Green Homes courses provide professionals with the opportunity to learn the differences between “green” and “code” built homes, as well as gain the data and tools needed to apply adjustments to appraisal assignments. Appraisers can choose to attend any of the three individual modules in the Appraising Green Homes series in a live classroom or online:
>Module 1 - Appraising Green Homes: Construction Methods & Trends
>Module 2 - Appraising Green Homes: Valuation Techniques
>Module 3 - Appraising Green Homes: Advanced Applications

Take the course & pass the accreditation exam to earn the Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA) designation!
Our AGA program provides professionals with the opportunity to enroll in coursework that will both strengthen their expertise and promote their green appraisal qualifications. AGAs benefit from professional differentiation in the marketplace thanks to membership in a community of designated green valuation professionals, coupled with marketing support from Earth Advantage in the form of logos, an online profile on the EA registry of designated professionals, and more. If an appraiser would like to earn the Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA) designation, they will need to complete all three courses in sequence and pass our qualifying exam.

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Z Finance Solutions

1308 Huntington Trail
Round Rock, Texas
USA 78664
(512) 820-8146

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Certifications: Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA)

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