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WHITEPAPER | It's time to consider Sustainable Packaging

Are you taking full advantage of all the opportunities to be unforgettable?  Consider this: Your products are being evaluated at every touchpoint, and the opportunities to be recognized for providing sustainable packaging materials beyond recyclable plastics is becoming an expectation impossible to ignore. Paper, Mushrooms, Corn, and Seaweed are just a few of the new materials successfully finding a purpose in packaging.   

And Sustainable Packaging means different things to different companies. In fact, The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC)’s database includes over 640 entries of goals and statements of interest from 100 brands and retailers.   

A growing number of packaging design solutions are available today.

Like these companies, you are likely aware of the growing burden on the environment to reducing or stop adding to this long-term problem. Facing these unique challenges to your business can still be overwhelming however it is possible to overcome. Here's the good news. There are a growing number of packaging design solutions available today to reduce waste, and plenty of leaders willing to share how they are making suitable, sustainable, and affordable packaging options for future generations to meet sustainability goals.


Our company has pursued sustainability without compromising patient health and safety. RICHARDS’ vials weigh less than others on the market to use less plastic. 


Intengine's  Sustainable Packaging Whitepaper offers easy, actionable information about current innovations and the innovators leading the way. We’ve made it easy to access resources and find the right solution for unique goals. There are plenty of tools to support your path forward.  



And here’s why it’s important to consider sustainable packaging solutions.  

One of the major global environmental concerns is the increasing amounts of solid waste, of which packaging constitutes a considerable share. The negative impact of single-use packaging on the environment and biodiversity has pushed businesses to explore and embrace ‘eco-friendly’ packaging over the past few decades. As consumer’s demands and regulatory requirements multiply, responsible packaging is no longer an option – it is a necessity!   


I think that Sustainable Packaging will be the ‘Wow’ factor for people. Sustainability will be the number one attractiveness in terms of packaging.


Inside our Sustainable Packaging Whitepaper

We expand on these topics and the solutions offered by our “Few Leading Examples” case studies. These are companies like yours, specialists in their sector and generously providing an inside look at their solutions in this ever-changing industry.  


More like this on Youtube: It's time you consider Sustainable Packaging

The Whitepaper is free to access and covers the technologies that were not available only 5 years ago. It’s a must-read for anyone considering their corporate responsibility to act today, for a changing tomorrow.  


I can find exactly what they’re looking for, and I can do it today.  



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