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What To Do With Old Work Boots?


Umar Bajwa

November 30, 2022



Work boots are an essential accessory, especially for people who work in a potentially dangerous environment. These boots are comfortable, and durable and prevent different types of injuries at the workplace. 

Like every other item, the work boots start wearing out as time passes. It is time when you need to throw them away. 

However, many people find it difficult to throw these boots out because their sentiments are attached to them or they have invested quite a hefty amount in buying them so they don’t want to throw them away. 

Well, instead of throwing these old boots, you can transform them into something new and exciting. For instance, you can use them as a flower planter, as a vase for placing flowers or you can use them as an antique for Christmas decor, etc. 

Ideas to transform old work boots

Here are a few ideas that you can use to transform the old work boots; 

Give them a new life by resoling 

If your old work boots are your favorite and you don’t want to replace them with a new pair, no need to worry because you can give them a new life by changing their soles and polishing them. 

Appoint a skilled cobbler and ask him to replace the leather and sole of your old work boots. When it is done, take a soft brush and soap solution to remove the dirt and dust on the leather of your shoes. 

While cleaning, make sure you don’t soak the leather of your boots in water. After washing, let the boots dry for a few hours. Take a polish that matches the color of your boots and apply it. 

This method not only saves your money but also enhances the look of your old boots and makes them useful for several years more. 

Besides that, if your boots are made of cement or any other construction method, resoling is not possible. For these boots, you can consider several other methods that can make them useful. 

Give your boots a new look 

If you are a creative person, painting old work boots will be a fun activity for you. When you paint the old boots with some vibrant colors and unique designs or sceneries, it will give them an entirely new look. 

Use them as a planter

Old work boots can be a good flower planter. Fill the boots with mud or dirt and put the plant inside the boot. You can plant any kind of flowers, fruits, and vegetables in these old boots. 

To make the planter more attractive and adorable, you can paint it with multi colors and patterns. 

If the boots contain laces, you can hang these boots at your garden entrance or on the branches of trees to make them look inviting. 

Use old work boots as garden boots

If your old work boots are of no use, wear them as garden boots. While doing dirty work in the garden, cleaning the pots, or planting some new plants, wear these boots as it is a great way to prevent your new pair of shoes from getting ruined by mud and dirt. 

Make a boot vase

Changing your old worn work boots into a vase is an exciting task. You can use different color schemes, patterns, and sceneries to paint your boots. Besides that, you can contrast colors with the type of flowers you are going to keep in the vase. 

Use the boots for Christmas decoration 

Old work boots can make your Christmas decoration more classic, beautiful, and amazing. All you have to do is paint the boots, add some green plants and red berries, a white bear with a red bow, etc to make the winter decor captivating and unique. 

Charity the old boots 

If you don’t want to use your old work boots, donating them to needy people is indeed a great option. Contact a shelter home or someone needy near your house and charity your old clean boots. 


If you have old work boots that are wearing out with time, you can use them in plenty of ways. For instance, you can use them as a flower planter, as a vase for keeping your favorite flowers inside, or for Christmas decor. 

Besides that, you can use these old boots for gardening. You can also donate them to the needy people around you. 


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