Cleantech Defined: A Scoping Study of the Sector, estimated growth was expected to exceed $2.5 trillion by 2022.  



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WEBINAR: Building Canada’s Cleantech Workforce: Opportunities and Challenges

Hosted by: ECO Canada

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Career Stage: Junior to Mid-Career


Presented by ECO Canada’s research team:    

Claudine Vidal, Director of Research, ECO Canada, has been providing labor market studies and workforce programs for 20 years and Geni Peters, PhD, LMI Manager, ECO Canada, brings her expert knowledge of economics and experience, offering context as an instructor-student advisor.  Together this duo offer a comprehensive perspective to the factors facing skilled workers looking to build a career in Cleantech. 

At a global level, clean innovation is a trillion-dollar industry. Investments, activities, and jobs in clean technology tend to grow with the government's investment and by commercial development of cleantech products. ECO Canada’s 2019(pre covid) report,  Cleantech Defined: A Scoping Study of the Sector, estimated growth was expected to exceed $2.5 trillion by 2022.  


Canada ranks #1 in investment for cleantech innovation and #16 in cleantech commercialization. 

Canada[HK1]  is a world leader in cleantech investment and, as such, has the opportunity to grow this sector by supporting skilled workers capable of innovating and leading others to contribute to growth and partnership in enterprises looking to mitigate their carbon footprints with clean energy options. 

Where Canada falls short is the commercialization of cleantech products. Canada’s global market share of these types of products is 1.43% placing them 16th  globally. Cleantech workers are in growing demand in Natural Resources, Utilities, Construction, and Manufacturing, among others, and this will increase as corporate environmental commitments and private investments grow.  

The report's results span 5 years and are interpreted in this webinar as offering valuable insights into how Canada can support and grow this exciting industry of clean energy. For those entering the sector and choosing this career path, the webinar also provides information around the resources available at a governmental level, and programs paid and on-demand by ECO Canada.  

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Talking Points: 

Although cleantech positions measured more than 55,000 in 800 organizations in Western Canada alone, the cleantech industry has seen growth challenges. Historically, instability with business development and a heightened risk of disappearing US exports have resulted in the workers choosing more secure employment paths; leaving the sector before it can thrive. 

Employer surveys indicated that organizations’ needs for a cleantech workforce increased by 40%. The webinar shares surprising statistics on which sectors are hiring above the average and five tech sectors where clean technology is prominent. With the first point, Canada could be looking at a shortage of skilled workers despite a predictable increase in demand. 

Clean technology is defined broadly to include whole industries and directly defined as clean blade industries. Claudine Vidallo and Geni Peters place constraints on the definition to better identify areas of growth. They also detail the positions which are currently in demand. These include natural resources, utilities, construction, manufacturing, science and technology, waste management, education services, public administration, and others. 

According to findings presented in this webinar, Canada can support this flourishing industry in three main ways: engaging skilled workers to commit to new ideas and technologies, use a standardized definition of cleantech to support consistent metrics and analytics, and look to diversify exports beyond the United States to areas where clean technology is consistently prospering. 

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This webinar is meant for businesses, governments, education and training institutions, and individuals.  



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About: Claudine Vidallo, Director of Research, ECO Canada, and Geni Peters, PhD, LMI Manager, ECO Canada



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