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How to Use Concrete in Interior Design

Amelia Grant

October 10, 2019

Such surfaces can look equally impressive in different interiors from the loft-style to luxury hotel interiors. Let's consider the ways in which you can apply concrete and its imitation in the arrangement of premises:

As a Finishing Material

The monochrome “nude” interior is the trend of 2019. A concrete finish is best suited for this style. A great idea is to use the maximum large concrete planes like walls, ceiling, bulk floor. If you leave the ceiling without finishing, you will have to make the electrics open and the room will become industrial. Such a brutal interior can be perfectly complemented by aluminum doors and windows. 

If the room has a monolithic concrete wall, even uneven, it is a chance to turn disadvantages into advantages. There are translucent coatings, tinted and colorless, which strengthen the surface layer of concrete and prevent it from crumbling. They give to the material necessary shade and reveal the texture.

Concrete floors have found applications not only in warehouses but also in a modern interior. With the help of additives, the coating acquires the necessary color, smoothness, and texture. If you use a finely dispersed compound, the surface will be very pleasant to the touch. There is also the practice of combining concrete and metal or wood inserts, then the decoration becomes a real luxury item.

Concrete surfaces are a great backdrop for natural wood, textiles and living plants. It is important to balance the surface texture. This means combining a rough surface with matt white ceramics, metal, and glass so that the objects look advantageous and complement each other.

For the Furniture Manufacturer

Even furniture can be made of concrete. Original and bright objects are obtained, especially in combination with metal and wood. A coffee table made of concrete will become the focal point of the room and can transform the whole interior. Such products will be inexpensive and almost eternal with proper handling.

In the United States, there is already a whole industry for the manufacture of such furniture. In online stores, you can buy ready-made mixes along with detailed instructions.

To Create Accessories

Interior accessories deserve special mention. Due to the ease of manufacture, their range is very diverse. The possibilities are limited only by a flight of imagination. On the Web, you can find the brilliant ideas of concrete accessories for the home and easily repeat them. Chinese manufacturers have caught the trend and are selling reusable molds for making concrete accessories in online stores.

For the Manufacture of Unique Products

Concrete, with all its brutal appearance, is a flexible and plastic material. With the help of special forms, non-standard products can be made from it. It is possible to make a bath, it just requires additional thorough processing of the product. Such elements will be especially good in a country style interior.

Window sills can also be made of concrete, they will be appropriate in a loft interior in combination with an open brick. Concrete is useful for the manufacture of parapet stone for balconies and terraces.


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