Estate planning is the practice of allocating your assets for distribution and handling your affairs after your death.



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5 Reasons Estate Planning is More Important Than You Think

David Kramer

May 4, 2021

Estate planning is the practice of allocating your assets for distribution and handling your affairs after your death. While the subject may sound grim at first to many people, it is a highly crucial step that helps you take care of your loved ones. 

Despite its association with the uber-rich, estate planning is critical for people with varying degrees of wealth and responsibilities. If you have substantial assets or duties that you want to distribute among your family and friends, estate planning is precisely the solution you need. 

To further understand the critical nature of this practice, here are 5 reasons why estate planning is more important than you think. 

1. It Helps Reduce Conflicts

When you turn to estate planning, it ensures that your wealth and responsibilities are distributed how you want after death. In addition to giving you peace of mind, it also provides your loved ones with clear directions about what to do after you pass away.

Since the instructions on how to handle your estate come directly from you, any decision you make can reduce possible conflicts between your family and friends afterward. This makes sure that the affairs of your estate are handled tastefully and prevents any potential rifts between your loved ones. 

This is especially helpful if you sense that your friends or family will have issues deciding the distribution of your estate after your passing. 

By establishing a will in your life, you can make sure that everyone knows that the directives came straight from your end. This enhances the possibility that they would accept and respect your choices instead of taking the route of arguments and lawsuits. 

2. It Takes Care of Your Minor Children 

Suppose you have any children under the age of 18. Estate planning lets you decide how to proceed with their guardianship in the event of your death. This ensures that you can choose the best possible person among your loved ones to take care of your kids in your absence. 

That is also why younger people, such as Millennials, are actively looking into estate planning right after having a child. This trend is explained in detail below by Trust & Will,an estate planning solution and form generation service. 




By taking these steps during your life, you can rest assured that your children will receive the support and care that they need in the event of your passing. 

While the thought may seem stressful at first, it is a critical responsibility that asks for your utmost attention. The process of laying out these details is also not very difficult and does not take much time. That is why it is something that every parent should think about for the well-being of their children. 

3. It Outlines Your Plans to Move Your Assets

Now suppose you want to offer a particular asset to a specific loved one or need to sell off a certain property after your passing. Estate planning ensures that you can outline that plan in a detailed manner. If you feel comfortable discussing your ideas with your loved ones, this also allows them to plan their move from one property to another. 

For instance, if you happen to live in Austin, Texas, or surrounding areas, you can help your friends or family hire affordable movers in Austin. As explained below, Undergrads can help move your assets with ease. 




This ensures that you and your loved ones can plan any physical moves from one property to another during your lifetime. Even if the execution takes place after the event of your passing, planning these moves at your own pace makes sure that all associated parties can move forward with the proceedings as comfortably as possible. 

This also ensures that no one has to deal with additional problems on top of grappling with the heavy feeling of loss. At the same time, it also keeps sky-high costs at bay and saves your loved ones from excessive costs. 

4. It Saves Your Loved Ones from Massive Taxes




If your loved ones have to face haphazard asset distribution after your passing, it can often leave them with the burden of excessive taxes. Without a proper plan, they have no choice but to fulfill these costs. In many cases, this delivers them a lesser share of your estate than what they may have received with an estate plan in hand. 

In order to make sure that this doesn’t happen to your friends and family, you can move forward with establishing an estate plan in your life. This allows you to allocate your assets properly, which lets you fulfill tax requirements without crumbling under excessive amounts. 

This particular activity might sound highly convoluted at first. However, it becomes easier to understand if you have the help of experts. By looking through information online or reaching out to professionals that specialize in this branch of law, you can easily go through your estate planning in a way that reduces high taxes.

At the same time, you can ensure full compliance with the law, which allows your loved ones to steer clear of any problems on that front as well.

5. It Prevents Further Trouble for Your Family and Friends

Losing a loved one is traumatic enough as it is. When you add the tasks of running to lawyers and courts on top of this grief, it can become unbearable. But when your loved ones are not left when an estate plan, they have no other option than to deal with the uncertainty of it all. 

On the other hand, estate planning makes sure that your loved ones have everything arranged for them after your passing. This saves them from convoluted processes that could cause undue stress on their lives. Instead, it offers them the comfort of being able to grieve for their loss in peace.

At the same time, they also know that their affairs will be taken care of by directions that came from you. This also ensures that they stay away from any stress about the fair distribution of your estate. 

That is why estate planning is often recommended to those who aspire to save their loved ones from unnecessary trouble after their passing. If you want to ensure that your family and friends don’t encounter any problems, estate planning is the exact solution you require.

The benefits of estate planning outline why it is such an important step for adults and the elderly. If you are looking for an estate planning solution, there’s no better time to start than now.


Matt Casadona

Matt Casadona has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. He is currently a contributing editor for 365 Business Tips. Matt is passionate about marketing and business strategy and enjoys the San Diego life, traveling and music.