Above and beyond the knowledge and tools you can find here at Intengine, we’ve created the Intengine Global Change Foundation.

The mission of the Intengine Global Change Foundation is to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable economy through the advancement of knowledge and awareness that aids in the generation of policies and practices, and their implementation.

We are making sustainability as a lifestyle and strategy more accessible by providing funding, access, tools and education for sustainability advocates and leaders so they can expand their knowledge and bring this awareness into their profession – whatever that may be.

Sustainability Leadership Congress

On June 8 - 9, 2019, the Intengine Global Change Foundation will host of today’s brightest, young sustainability advocates for the first annual Sustainability Leadership Congress. This conference will bring together top corporate, academic, and government experts in sustainability and self-development, with the leaders of tomorrow to offer insight and nurture ideas that could change our world.

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Intengine for Change Gala

We welcome the public to celebrate with us at the Intengine for Change Gala in support of sustainable education. Here we will be awarding our first scholarships and celebrating the future we aspire to achieve with dinner, entertainment, and great intentions.

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