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6 Ways to Raise a Car's Cost Before Selling

Amelia Grant

October 23, 2019

So you can raise the grade of your car by adding some money and time in order to improve its condition. These six ways to raise a car’s cost before selling will cost you about $200 but the result is a higher selling price for your car.

1. Clean and wax

If you regularly clean and wax your car, you can skip this paragraph. But if you don’t, it’s high time to wash your car properly. But beware, you may like the look of your clean and shiny vehicle and you can change your mind about selling it. The homemade cleaning will cost you a few dollars and automated or hand wash/wax will cost a little more.

2. Keep your tires clean and inflated

You should always keep your tires inflated in order to increase mileage. But if you neglected this earlier, it is better to go to the gas station as soon as possible and use their air pump. After that, you can start to clean your wheels and tires. You can buy a universal tire cleaner for less than $10, but it is possible to make your own almost for free. Mix baking soda with water to make a paste, apply it to your tires, leave on for a few minutes and rinse. In order to clean wheels and chrome, combine white vinegar and water. Spray the solution and clean the surface with a rag.

3. Change the odor

You can use even fruit peels as an air freshener but there are a lot of scents in the market that are cost less than $10. It is better to choose scents that are associated with the natural new car smell. If you used to smoke in your car, don’t do it at least for a week before you start to sell car for cash. In order to get rid of the unpleasant smell of smoke, you can also leave some baking soda for a night and then throw it away.

4. Repair or not to repair? 

If there are some scratches or dings on the car, of course, it is better to repair them before selling. But this king of work should be performed by professionals because bad-quality work can even aggravate the situation. You can try to remove scratches with the help of rubbing compound, but if they are too big or deep, leave this work for experts.

5. Change the oil and refill fluids

The person who wants to buy your car will pull out the dipstick and look at the oil. It shouldn’t be old, dirty and diluted with water or other substances. To stay on the safe side, perform a professional oil change, where you can also check the level of other fluids.

6. Add the finishing touches

If there are some lamps that are not working anymore or living their last days, it is better to replace them. In case you have no owner’s manual, you can find it online (for example, on eBay). You can also check junkyards in order to find any other missing pieces.